Tuesday, March 15, 2011


During the Jell-O making the neighbors next door were baking cornbread. (Just to clarify for future blog post, I currently live with six other roommates, and our next door neighbors are our friends who also have six people living together. We treat the two houses as one since Parkmerced’s largest townhouse is too small to fit thirteen people.) One person became infamous for ruining the cornbread. The instructions told him to add one table spoon of salt, but he misread the measurements and added one cup of salt. During the potluck people were anxious to try the cornbread because it smelled so good. However, once people took a bite out of the cornbread they immediately tasted only salt. Everyone taste then spat the cornbread out of their mouths like crashing dominoes.
A week later, the neighbor who ruined the cornbread tried and failed to redeem himself. He ruined his second batch  by substituting salt with baking soda. Joe sampled the new cornbread, and he quickly spat it out. When Fred saw the cornbread in the trash he asked, “Hey. Who threw away the cornbread? We don’t waste food in this house.” Joe replied with a scream, “Don’t eat the cornbread! It’s super bland. It’s poison!”
Eventually, my neighbor successfully made edible cornbread after his fifth attempt. Yes, he failed two more times making it a grand total of four failed attempts to bake cornbread.

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Very funny post! When I was little, I tried to make my parents breakfast in bed one morning after my cousins had spent the night. We got up early and got out my mom's special recipe for coffee cake. Well...we misread the directions, thinking it said "add 3 One cups of milk" instead of what was actually written-which was "one-third cup of milk". When we put it in the oven, what should have been an uncooked brownie consistency was instead, a sloshing vat of milk. When we took it out, my parents had a "lovely" coffee pudding awaiting them...