Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Cooking Failures

One day Fred threw a left over Costco hot dog in the microwave to eat. As the microwave heated the hot dog I saw sparks flashing inside the microwave because Fred forgot to take out the foil. I panicked. All I did was stand next to the microwave, shouting "fire," and pointing at the flaming hot dog. I could have just opened the microwave door and everything would be fine. Instead, Fred ran across the room and pulled his hot dog out. To this day everyone makes fun of me for shouting fire while standing next to a potential fire.
 One night my roommates made Jell-O for a potluck. One of my roommates, Lincoln, poured the Jell-O on to an aluminum tray, but as he poured Jell-O the liquid never rose. It turned out the aluminum tray had a hole in the bottom, and the Jell-O leaked out. Lincoln cleaned up the leaked Jell-O on the counter with a rag while other roommates transferred the rest of the Jell-O onto a clean tray. Afterward, someone jokingly told Lincoln to squeeze the Jell-O from the rag on to the clean tray. So Lincoln squeezed the dirty rag juice onto the Jell-O, therefore contaminating the whole dessert. Fred screamed and told Lincoln to never do that again. Everyone was then forced to make Jell-O all over again.


Christopher Selland said...

Haha, yes, cooking disasters with roommates. I completely understand. I've experienced a few of these myself. I like the way you tell these stories with great detail, creating a vivid picture, where I can see you and your roommates running around frantically. Great!

Jeff said...

Cooking really is a trial by error sort of endeavor. I remember one of my first attempts at the culinary arts was an attempt to make chicken. Long story short, defrosting the cutlet matters. The best thing i can say about these stories is thank god it wasn't you. Now, you can call your friend a dumb ass and have absolutely no embarrassment when you slam them on your blog.

Well played.

alexandruhhh said...

This is such a relatable situation. My roommates are all cooking fanatics, but by no means do they know what they're doing in the kitchen. Most of the meals they make are trial and error, with many more errors than triumphs. Just recently, my roommate decided to bake a cake. However, she despises recipes and refused to use one. We ended up with insane amounts of rock hard 'cake.' Because we hate wasting food, we used a lot of brainpower to figure out how to make the product edible. In other words, roommate life goes hand-in-hand with kitchen failures. It's nice that you can laugh at each other's difficulties and not hold it against each other. This makes it more acceptable to fail in the future. Your descriptions of the events are vivid and I feel like I'm right there with you, witnessing these follies. Great stories! Though the Jell-O thing definitely grossed me out!

Lauren_Rubin said...

Oh man, I've definitely been there..with the microwave, not the Jello. This was a hilarious post, thanks for sharing! You wrote in such a clear way, I was able to picture you standing and pointing at the microwave. Awesome blog!

EmilyB said...

Random Cooking Failures can be fun, but hopefully it leads to Kitchen Cleaning Successes haha. I am all for my roommates getting inventive with their culinary adventures, as long as cleanup is involved! There's nothing worse than a Cooking Disaster that gradually evolves into a Kitchen Disaster. Burn your food? No problem - just air out the house! Use up all the dishes? No problem - just wash them after! Make a huge mess? No problem - JUST FRIGGIN CLEAN UP!

LOL don't worry, I hold myself to these standards as well!