Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Watch the video first and then I’ll explain. (For some reason blogger won't let me post this video.)
       In our household the birthday tradition is invite friends over late at night, turn off all the lights, and present the birthday cake. Specifically, my birthday is on Halloween, and I kind of make it a big deal since the holiday overshadows my birthday. When I turned twenty-two, my roommates were joking about throwing a pie in my face. I took the threat seriously and acted paranoid throughout the day. I stared behind my shoulder, ran away from friends, and kept telling them, “No cake in the face, don’t hurt me.” In the end, begging my roommates not to attack me only encouraged them to plot a birthday prank against me. What you do not see in the video was all my roommates dog piling onto me. When I saw the birthday cake I let my guard down, and you know the rest. Whip cream taste good, but smells awful. I had to wash my hair two times that night and once more the next morning. 
        On March, I got my revenge against the roommate who threw whip cream in my face. Sadly, we had no whip cream in the house, so I improvised by smearing thick frosting all over my his face. Sadly, the end result was lame compared to my whip cream facial. To this day my birthday remains unforgettable. On a side note, the person singing “Silent Night” is Joe.


TieGuyTravis said...

Frosting in the face isn't exactly an ideal revenge against your roommates. America's policy has always been an eye for two eyes. I suggest you take a page from the book of America, by offering them a birthday cake and then surprising your roommate with evidence that he roommate is adopted. That'll show 'em!

-Darth Nerd

ashleyallisonlindner said...

This is a hilarious video. It seems so sweet and innocent at first and then BAM! It is a great video and I am so happy someone captured it! You have some very sneaky roommates and I am going to have to agree with Travis that you need to get them back better then just frosting in the face... just a suggestion! Have a great summer :)